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For your body to be in good health, and lose any excess weight, you need to discover the perfect nutrition program for your body.

Weight Loss, Diets, & Nutrition

In America, we’re eating ourselves into an early grave.

Study after study has shown that the epidemic of obesity, and the related health issues, are all the result of our diet.

For your body to be in good health, and lose any excess weight, you need to discover the perfect nutrition program for your body.

When your body gets the exact nutrients it needs, it will start to heal itself.

When your body gets the exact nutrients it needs, it will start to heal itself.

Start your journey towards improving your health

Whatever your health goal – we’ll get you there

Nutrition Response Testing® and Weight Loss

Nutrition Response Testing is not a diet or a weight-loss program. It just so happens that when you put Nutrition Response Testing and your personalized health improvement program to work, your body immediately starts returning to that lovely state of balance, including restoring its power to heal.

As a result, patients first experience weight loss because of the release of “accumulated toxic waste products” trapped in your body’s individual cells. Often weight in the form of fat continues to fall off because of dietary modifications and subtle metabolic changes. Overall, balance is restored along with a strategy not only to get healthy but also to stay healthy.

The ‘bottom line – you’ll feel better and look better.

Weight-loss programs abound, from those that sell prepared foods like NutriSystem to those that don’t, like Jenny Craig and L.A. Weight Loss. Plentiful, too, are fad diets like Atkins, South Beach, and Blood Type. There are almost as many approaches to weight loss as there are diets. So how do you decide? Where do you begin?

Some Key Questions To Ask About Your Weight Loss Program

The key to losing weight is identifying specific individualized factors we call “hold-ups. ” It’s true that most everyone who reduces his or her caloric intake will lose weight. However, ask yourself the key questions:

If you’re still looking for answers to any of these questions then you’re definitely ready to identify your “hold-ups” – your hidden health problems.

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Nutrition Response Testing & Weight Loss Success Stories

(From the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D., L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

Beth, a 40-year-old single mom with two teenage children, had always been dedicated to her health and that of her family. Whenever faced with health concerns, she always chose alternative approaches. But she suffered from almost constant digestive problems, chronic mouth soreness, difficult menstrual cycles (linked to uterine fibroids so plentiful that doctors insisted she had a hysterectomy to avoid cancer) and excess weight. She was devoted to a vegetarian lifestyle that included the consumption of soy and dairy products.

After her evaluation using Nutrition Response Testing, soy along with dairy were identified as foods she was sensitive to. Within one week of eliminating them from her diet, Beth’s digestive complaints and mouth soreness disappeared. Her fibroids ultimately vanished, along with her difficult menstrual cycles, and she avoided a hysterectomy.

After years of trying to lose weight, within two weeks she lost over 10 pounds. All told, she has lost over 80 pounds. The process has taken three years, with several periods of rest or what is often referred to as “plateaus.” Today, her hair, skin, and nails are vibrant, and her health remains elevated as she rarely finds herself prone to colds.

Here’s Virginia’s story:

“I thought I was very healthy. I worked long hours, slept well and took too little time off, but I had a dry cough that was embarrassing, craved sweets and wanted to lose weight. I squeezed into Curves once a day for one month and managed to lose five pounds. [But my symptoms remained]. After being evaluated using Nutrition Response Testing and being on my program, my cough disappeared unless I ate foods I was supposed to avoid. What’s more, I’ve lost 10 pounds and my sugar cravings and I’ve had compliments about my appearance.”

I hear this refrain from many patients. It seems as if the ongoing battle to lose weight has taken over their lives. Finding a process that helps them control their weight really helps them feel rejuvenated and, more importantly, restores their hope for a better quality of life.

Weight Loss Program & Whole-body Wellness

The problem with most weight-loss programs is that they don’t result in whole-body wellness; their sole target is weight loss and the rest is optional. As a result, many people on these shortsighted programs get only half-hearted results – or none at all. They continue to experience some chronic symptoms and they’re often the victims of the dreaded dieter’s plateau.

Plateaus are a common challenge with many weight-loss programs. Here is another similar story with an equally happy ending. “RR” suffered from a stubborn weight-loss plateau and fatigue, a standard combination that in my profession seems to go together like burgers and fries.

“My weight loss had plateaued despite being on a low carb diet. My energy was down. I had to drink coffee to make it through the day. Just three days after I started my Nutrition Response Testing program my weight loss resumed. My energy level is much higher than it has been for a long time now. I have lost 8-10 pounds without doing anything different other than changing my diet and taking the supplements. “

Weight management should be based on a personalized health improvement program designed to achieve whole-body wellness. Much like we need to get off the pharmaceutical bandwagon and quit believing the hype about “a pill for every ill,” so, too, do we need to quit focusing on weight loss as the panacea to whole-body wellness.

Get your personalized nutrition program and get started on your road to whole-body health today. Dr. Kohan is the only Advanced Certified Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner in Phoenix, AZ.

Start your journey towards improving your health

Whatever your health goal – we’ll get you there