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If you suffer from depression and medication and other therapies have not worked, now’s the time to try a natural, holistic approach.

The Natural Way To Treat Depression

If you suffer from depression and medication and other therapies have not worked, now’s the time to try a natural, holistic approach.

At the Natural Healing Improvement Center in Phoenix AZ, we believe that depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. It’s far more likely to be caused by some imbalance or dysfunction in the organs and hormones in your body. 

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Diet And Depression

From treating hundreds of patients we’ve seen a direct connection between what you eat, the nutrients your body gets, and depression. And we’re not alone in this idea: The Harvard Medical School has published articles about the connection between depression and nutrition.

Our emotions and thoughts can be powerful and uplifting, inspiring us to reach new heights and accomplish goals no mere animal could ever hope to achieve. They provide us with literature, song, romance, love, laughter, and passion. Too often, however, our emotions get the best of us, resulting in prolonged states of anxiety, insomnia, and even depression.

But do we have any control over our emotions? If so, what can we do to gain or regain control when we’re overwhelmed? It is true that our attitude can affect our health. But it is also true that our endocrine system has a lot to do with our emotions and attitudes.

Depression And Hormones

If your endocrine glands are struggling and poor nutrition predisposes them to malfunction, then you may very well find yourself overcome with emotions. 

For example, fear and anxiety are related to the health of our adrenal glands. Irritability and anger are related to the thyroid gland. Organ health plays a role, too – joy and despair are associated with the heart, guilt and sadness reflect the lungs, and worry and obsession mirror the digestive organs.

These are functional relationships observed for thousands of years and reflected in Oriental medicine. There is a balance to be had, which rests to a great degree upon what we put in our mouths and what we’re exposed to in our environment. 

These are the hidden health problems.

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Depression Patient Success Story

“I am 34 years old and was battling a deep depression. I had broken down and after seven years decided that I would get drugs to treat my illness. My medical doctor instantly prescribed an anti-depressant after seeing my Beck Inventory score of 39, the highest score he had seen in five years.

I took my first pill and upon rising the next morning and I could not function. I was extremely faint, dizzy and super nauseous. My head hurt and I was crying. I am thankful for this experience because I knew I didn’t want to live with negative side effects my whole life. I decided to try acupuncture again, as it had helped me before. This time my acupuncture therapist told me about Nutrition Response Testing.

I started the program after being tested sensitive to soy, wheat, sugar, and diary. Two days later, I left on my prescheduled vacation at the beach for four days. I followed my program diligently. By the time I returned on Saturday evening, I felt 95% year-old off to school at 8 am and starting my day with my 4-year-old and 1 1/2-year-old, I still felt 80 – 5% better than I had just one week earlier.

I went back to my medical doctor three weeks to the day after he prescribed drugs. He could no believe how great I looked and felt. He asked how I liked the other drug he gave me and I told him I never tried it. I told him about Nutrition Response Testing and acupuncture, and he was glad to see me so much better. He had me take the Beck Inventory test again and I scored 0.”

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