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Dr. Wayne Kohan

My current goal is to help as many people as possible using Nutrition Response Testing.


Advanced Nutrition Response Testing® Practitioner

I was raised in Wayne, New Jersey. After graduating from Wayne Hills High School in 1974. I joined the U.S. Air Force as a Jet Engine Mechanic.

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My Interest in Chiropractic

One day while working on an aircraft I injured my lower back. After going to the base hospital, I was told to take a 30-day medical leave.  During that time, I was introduced to a chiropractor who had recently married my aunt. After a series of adjustments to my low back, the problem was resolved. 

That got my attention, so after my honorable discharge from the military, I pursued a career in chiropractic. 

I graduated from Bloomfield College with a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and continued on to New York Chiropractic College and obtained my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1989. 

In 1990 I went into private practice in Wayne, NJ. The focus of my practice has always been on helping people overcome their pain, immobility, and loss of function naturally through chiropractic treatment.

The Next Chapter – 

My practice was growing, and things were going along well until I developed a health problem. During the night I would wake up hourly having to urinate. I thought at first that I had a bladder infection. I went to a medical doctor friend of mine for his opinion.  After all types of tests, I was told that my prostate gland was swollen, but since all the testing including lab work was normal, he could not tell me why or what to do for it. 

Nutrition Response Testing

Upon returning to my office that afternoon I was listening to a radio station that was interviewing a doctor about a new system that could evaluate the organs in a person’s body with the use of muscle testing. I was intrigued and called the radio station right away. I was able to talk to the doctor being interviewed and he invited me to a seminar in New York City for a free evaluation.

I went to the seminar and he performed a body scan on me. Without knowing anything about my problem, he correctly identified the swollen prostate and he told me that there was mercury affecting my prostate gland.

I found this information to be almost unbelievable since I did not tell him about my prostate gland problem and none of the lab tests had picked up on the mercury. So, he got my full attention.

Through the testing, he was able to tell me what the body needed to resolve this problem and heal. I did exactly what he recommended and three months later the problem was resolved.

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My Nutrition Training

I started taking training seminars on this nutritional evaluation technique in 1994. At the same time, I took more nutrition education courses and seminars. In 2000 I learned my certification as a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist or CCN. I also obtained a diploma in Nutrition, from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, or DACBN.

In 2007, I moved to Phoenix and opened the Natural Health Improvement Center, focusing on Nutrition Response Testing.  Then in June of 2009, I became one of the only 300 healthcare providers in the country to become an Advanced Clinical Training graduate in Nutrition Response Testing, an accomplishment I’m very proud of.

My current goal is to help as many people as possible using Nutrition Response Testing. There are so many out there who need help and who are taking medicines to handle symptoms but do not find and eliminate the problem. I want to offer them a safe, natural, and effective alternative.